We have extensive experience in conducting research
and consultations regarding zoning and land use planning.

We know the topic of public participation from various sides:
we conduct research projects, we work in neighborhood councils and non-governmental organizations.

We offer our services to local government units and other institutions that want to integrate the knowledge and opinions of residents in their work on city development, including spatial planning, urban renewal, transportation planning, or participatory budgeting. We place great emphasis on the quality of the participatory processes and tailoring technologies to the specific needs of each project.

So far, we have completed over 40 projects using geo-questionnaires, geo-discussion and geo-presentations for cities such as Warsaw, Poznań, and Łódź. We helped to carry out successful public consultations on such issues as land use planning, traffic calming, urban space aesthetics, and a bike rental system. We are motivated by the will to support local governments, urban planners, researchers and residents in creating cities that are good for living and environmentally friendly.

We use the name and shape of a hexagon because it refers to numerical models used in econometrics and geoinformation, and shows the diversity of perspectives included in participatory approaches to planning. Many of our maps use this shape to present data.

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Michał Czepkiewicz

+48 665 110 284


Geographer, studying various aspects of sustainable urban development: quality of life, greenhouse gas emissions, public participation in spatial planning. Works with online GIS and other quantitative and qualitative research methods.

List of publications and projects [link] 

Cezary Brudka

+48 534 696 716


Economist, graduate of management and spatial economics at Poznań University of Economics. Specialises in social research informing public decision- and policymaking (land-use and transportation policies). Interested in ecological economics and degrowth concept, exploring the potential of cities to support transition towards post-growth economy.

List of publications [link]

Paweł Głogowski

+48 782 784 684

Political scientist and lawyer. His research is focused on social participation. He conducts his PhD on the subject of the European Citizens’ Initiative. Initiator of number of civic projects engaging residents in the life of their local community.

Michał Dehmel

+48 502 863 845

A graduate of geography with a specialization in geoinformation at the University of Adma Mickiewicza in Poznań. In his work he calculates natural and urban indicators based on both spatial and satellite data.